Oh No Not Stereo

Oh No Not Stereo

Oh No Not Stereo



Sounding like early All American Rejects or a teenaged Third Eye Blind cover band should not be a compliment for any self-respecting rock band, but I have a sneaky feeling that the boys of Oh No Not Stereo may take such comparisons as such. Hey, if that’s what you were going for when you put together this self titled EP then bravo!

Songs like the attempt-at-grunge “Thirty Two,” and “Where You Are” were aiming for the galaxy navigated by early Foo Fighters, but fall flat somewhere just outside the local mall. It’s an honest effort, really, and you’ve got to commend this Hollywood bunch for trying to bust out of the FOB field within which they play, but a spade must be called a spade.

An emo band is still an emo band even if the guitars have a little extra distortion added. Listen to “One More Thing I Love,” and tell me I’m wrong.

Oh No Not Stereo: http://www.ohnonotstereo.com

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