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Weights & Measures

Weights & Measures (Matlock Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Weights & Measures

Weights & Measures

Matlock Records

Five short tracks, all with really cool names and all full of a sort of studied dissonance that says “Well, I COULD play notes that sound good together, but that would be so bourgeois.” Sadly true, and while I’d love to love songs with titles “My God can beat up your God” and “The Weekend is for Making Babies,” I find the experience of actually listening to them rather painful. There was a time when the more annoying a song was, the more I liked it, but then I moved out and got a job and my standards drifted a bit higher. There’s a guitar, bass and drums, but no hint of a singer. Liner notes are minimal, but they mention “audio captured to tape in …2001…” but no indication they ever release the poor thing. I give big points the graphic design by Molly Kalkstein — the simple cardboard cover is populated with old-fashioned women’s underwear ads and the admonition “Don’t be skinny.” Strip out the music and put in a different band and you might have something.

Matlock Records:

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