That’s not God!

That’s not God!


Your letter about God and his self esteem is right on! Â See the problem is you see what everyone sees. Â They are just too afraid to say so. Â That’s why religion is wrong. Â There is no hell. Â There is no heaven. Â There is a God though. Â It’s more of a light than It is a human though. Â People want It to be human so they can relate. Â Hence we have Jesus Christ. Â Not true! Â That’s written in the stars. Â No, I’m not an astrological freak, God is not who or what we think. Â Picture It as an energy, or life force. Â More of a Spirit. Â Less of a person or especially not a male. Â Read about Revelations and you’ll find that women will save us all. Â True! Â Check out for yourself. Â Norma Holt wrote about it. Â Very smart woman. Â If your looking for the truth, stop reading the new testament and begin reading Isiah. Â Great place to start! Â I hope we all wake up soon. Â God has allowed this to go on long enough. Â It’s time to end it all soon</blockquote>

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