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A. Rex

A. Rex

Moving Backwards

A. Rex Music

A. Rex (Andrew Espinola and Andrew Jones) provides the sad romantic music one needs in a breakup, but without the super depressing lyrics that could push you into OD’ing on Hadacol and Lucky Charms. Nothing really jumps out and makes you say “that’s another hit we’ll never share together!” but these little songs played in a little style are very soothing when you’re feeling lost. Occasionally the percussion rises a bit, reminding you to get more Mall-o-mars or Goldfish crackers, and when the disc stops, Getting up to hit play again will help you maintain your motor skills as you battle the short term depression. Some of the songs offer advice like “What’s the point of starting if it’s just gonna end?” others beg for reunion, and most just mope around. We all need a good mope every now and again, and these two guys are the right dosage of lost love.

A. Rex: http://www.arexmusic.com

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