Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson

Hope and Glory

Zoe / Rounder Records

Anyone heard anything from Heart lately? The Wilson sisters ruled rock and roll in the ’70s and ’80s and then slid into a start/stop career, occasionally putting a minor radio-friendly hit on the charts and finding a few film soundtrack gigs. I hear them on classic rock radio occasionally, but the glory days are gone. Time for the solo project, and this disc by sister Ann covers 12 of her favorite songs. The style is hard rock with the sharp edges buffed off, and it’s nice enough if you prefer Ann’s matronly voice.

The baby boomer material ranges from Led Zeppelin to Neil Young and focuses on anti-war songs. Pink Floyd’s “Good bye Blue Sky” opens the collection, and you need a minute or two to identify the song. Much easier to figure out is “Jackson,” a country song that sounds just as good as a duet with K. D. Lang. Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” features crisp, clear vocals, which I suspect Mr. Plant never intended. The only original number here is “Little Problems, Little Lies,” Ann’s lament about a young man who doesn’t make it home from the war. I can’t say this is a great album, but it’s not a bad one either. Pick it up if you prefer the softer, more acoustic flavor of classic rock.

Ann Wilson:

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