Army of Flying Robots

Army of Flying Robots

Army of Flying Robots

Life is Cheap

Superfi Records

Army of Flying Robots reminds me a bit of the cartoon sound effect for an anonymous band playing in a storefront as you walk past – noise comes out, but there’s no sense of what they heck they’re playing. AOFR seems a socially committed band with a speed metal sound and a singer who sets a new record in incomprehensibility. A careful reading of the ink-smeared liner notes will reveal that there is not one single decipherable word on the disc. Sure, rock lyrics are often purposely obfuscated — there’s a great scene in Rude Boy where Joe Strummer is doing the lead track on one of their hits, and even with no other instruments present, it’s mush. These guys push farther, and the vocals sound like pureed mush. I can’t help thinking that if a song is going to change the world, you ought to at least be able to dope it out after a few listens.

Superfire Records:

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