Child Bite

Child Bite

Child Bite

Gold Thriller

Joyful Noise

It would be seemingly easy for Child Bite to get lost amongst the infinite indie rock bands clogging the soundwaves these days, but somehow their infusing of angular dance punk with just the right amount of anti-structured and lightning-charged mania sets them well apart from the pack.

The group’s main method of attack involves vocals spat through sneers, bass, and drums lumbering along like immovable objects and chasing skittish guitar and synth leads, but it ends up being much more than that. “Ape Along” booms like industrial thunder, acid rain, and a machine army’s call to arms, while “Don’t Do What Your Body Tells You to Do” puts a straight jacket on mid-section, for a genius and gorgeous jazzy woodwind breakdown that shines as bright as the Jaga Jazzist horn section’s one-off collaboration with Motorpsycho. With seven songs and clocking in at just over 19 minutes, Gold Thriller lives up to its title and will hopefully prove to be representative of more excellent songs to come.

Joyful Noise:

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