Defamation League

Defamation League

Defamation League

League of the Living Dead

After nearly two decades of White Guy Rap, the style is about as productized as any other musical form. Defamation League takes the next step, creating a gentle self-parody that may not break new musical style, but competes favorably with “Weird Al” Yankovic’s work. In “Handle My Lovin'” you hear the line “I don’t think you’re a ho, just an object…” which could be the hip hop bumper sticker. Most of the songs are single topic explorations in search of the humorous lurking in the mundane. “To The Beach” offers reminiscence about the lost joys of childhood, while “Slave to the Bong” explores the lost joys of late teen years. Defamation League offers competent musicianship without much scratching, gangster styling buffed up to meet airplay requirements for a Clear Channel rock station, and the sort of snotty styling that makes me think, “These guys are probably very nice to their mothers. I’ll bet they hardly do anything illegal.”

Defamation League:

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