Everything, Now!

Everything, Now!

Everything, Now!

Police, Police!

Standard Recording Co.

Muncie, Indiana might not seem like a hot bed of avant-garde indie music, but Everything, Now! aims to disprove that assumption. The band’s Police, Police! EP is virtually unclassifiable, running the gamut of rock genres from punk to folk to dub to circus sideshow. The most common thread in the unhinged lexicon is the sound of Wolf Parade commandeering Tom Waits’ backing band. Percussion spills out of every single meter of verse; it’s as if the band let a small tornado loose in an ironworks and captured it all on a field recording. This unexpected sound montage dynamic telegraphs the group’s penchant for non-linear songwriting as well. On “The Ritual”, ’90s alt-rock riffs make the song’s first minutes seem slightly not-so-fresh, but the jungle chants and tribal beats that close it out come completely from left field in a redemptive swoop to save the track. “Rocketship, IN!” kicks off like a straight-up homage to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” but gradually shifts into an almost Morricone-esque Spaghetti Western march and ends up on a barren soundscape of austere bells. “Fishbowl Prank” is pure pop-punk that blooms in a Pogues’ barroom sing-a-long at closing time. It’s all an uproarious experience, to be sure, and one that’s throughly original.

Everything, Now!: http://www.everythingnowmusic.com

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