Great Kat

Great Kat

Great Kat

Wagner’s War

Blood and Guts Music

If you don’t know about the Great Kat by now, geez…. The only woman who can make Gene Simmons seem like a pansy wallflower and she’s a technically superb guitar player to boot, but instead of giving mawkish lessons in the back pages of some geetar magazine, she dons a camouflage bikini and New York Dolls warpaint to fucking shred 24-7. If that includes pieces like “Die Walkure” and “Flight of the Valkyries” alongside her own near-death metallized speedfests (her subhuman vocals are just sublime – my favorite part of the record), well, so fucking be it. Most likely your ears aren’t ready for this type of overload. Too bad for you.

On the other hand, the album whizzes by with the blinding speed of a hardcore 7” and there is the off-chance that once you have one Great Kat album, you pretty much get the picture. But her DVDs…. Yeah, you need every one of those.

The Great Kat:

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