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Sonny Vincent

Sonny Vincent


NDN Records

Desperate romance, danger, blood, and leather jackets all loom large in this compilation of solo material from original Noo-Yawk punk and Testers mainmain Sonny Vincent. No frills and surprises, just punk raucousness with rockabilly edges and violence and romance. Vincent’s is a tough metallized sound that sometimes sounds like Motorhead, sometimes Ramones, down to almost Angry Samoans-esque bursts of speedfreak noise like “Out of Your Head.”

In other spots, the tempo slows to evoke Gene Vincent/Johnny Thunders knife-sharp rhythm and blues. You got some fucking attitude, man. Guest spots aplenty are culled from the cream of the crop of the NYC/London punk axis, and yet it doesn’t come off like a rap record or something – Vincent’s still the singular guiding force behind the album.

The album artwork is an awesome throwback with a scantily-clad 3-D devil woman on the cover ,and on the inside all sorts of uber-cool 3-D shots of a leather clad Vincent and various bandmates destroying stages and/or just looking cool. Album packaging the way it was meant to be. They don’t skimp on the page count either. Thanks.

The disc of bonus live cuts and rarities is even more raw and groovy – street-fightin’ songs par excellence but with a surprisingly diverse creative reach/grasp. P.I.N.S. is pure-cut teenage switchblade dangermusic by a wild-eyed dude who’s got a hairy lifetime of stories to tell.

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