Madlib/Peanut Butter Wolf

Madlib/Peanut Butter Wolf

Madlib/Peanut Butter Wolf

The Other Side of Los Angeles

Deaf, Dumb & Blind

With this CD/DVD combo, travel guide magazine Time Out has Stones Throw label head Peanut Butter Wolf handling the visuals as tour guide while Madlib controls the audio portion, digging deep into a crate of funk-drenched soul and jazz albums. Like a good meal and a movie, each side complements the other in a sensory yin/yang that edifies the ears and opens the eyes with an exploration of a lesser known and developing side of Los Angeles.

In addition to an interview looking back on ten years of Stones Throw, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf shows his skills as a travel host, taking you on a candid journey through his favorite boutiques, restaurants, clubs and record shops. And if you’re planning on visiting L.A. anytime soon, this Time Out/Deaf, Dumb & Blind partnership of merging travel with local independent music works well as Peanut Butter Wolf does an excellent job of priming your palate and playing the maestro of local flavor and Madlib delivers a righteous mix of beats and rhymes from unearthed gems and recent cuts in avant-garde jazz, soul and reggae, notably Sun Ra’s humorously eerie “Nuclear War,” Quasimoto’s “Greenery” and his own “Infinity.”

Stones Throw:

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