Nebojsa Buhin

Nebojsa Buhin

Nebojsa Buhin

Guitar Language

Dallas Records

A keyword search anywhere in the depths of the internet for “croatian + guitar + instrumentals” would likely yield very few hits aside from this disc. It’s this uniqueness that ended up drawing me to it; in my head, Guitar Language was going to speak to me in gentle centuries-old folk traditions of the western Mediterranean. You can imagine my surprise when “The Buzz” kicks in and Buhin’s fingers fly for the three minute solo of jazz/hard rock workouts. The remaining nine tracks fall more heavily on one end or the other of the spectrum, which Buhin leads tastefully, guiding the smoother jazz arrangements or lighting up the path for the frenetic rock. There’s something almost archaic about a guitar virtuoso album coming out now, years after the brief dalliance with fame that players like Joe Satriani managed, but, still, that’s also what makes this disc inherently awesome and an ideal place to cull tracks for the Eastern European edition of Guitar Hero.

Nebojsa Buhin:

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