Wayburn Sassy’s “Screw You Revue”

Wayburn Sassy’s “Screw You Revue”

Wayburn Sassy’s “Screw You Revue”
Glo Lounge
Orlando, FL

Old pop stars never die. If you’re the semi-legendary Wayburn Sassy (Dewey Chaffee), old age and incontinence coupled with really good insurance might get you a hottie like Nurse Gracie (Robyn Pedretti) to keep your meds coming in on time. Nurse Gracie bends over quite a bit, and we all applauded Wayburn’s habit of tipping for especially nice bows. It’s never clear how Wayburn became a pop icon, but today he defines homophobic, racist, and half a dozen other “un-TP” habits we wouldn’t admit we have. It works like this – when your 40 and you say something bad, the press crucifies you, but when you 80, it’s considered cute.

Backed up by John de Orderly (John de Haas), this Glo Lounge show follows the structure of last year’s hit Fringe show. Wayburn tells the jokes we shouldn’t find funny but do, Nurse Gracie flirts and displays her charms, and DeHaas takes Wayburn’s abuse, occasionally playing a bit of transition music but other wise remaining silent. The ultraviolet lighting of Glo makes your clothing fluoresce in a most enchanting manner, and the martini glasses all have flashing colored lights I wish we had back in 1975. It’s a long ride down to lower I-drive, but the show is still as fun as ever, and you can down a few Whimsicals while you take you abuse pill. Just remember to wear clean undies.

For directions to Glo Lounge, please visit http://www.gloloungeorlando.com/
For a prevue of The Screw You Review, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax9NRBEjcsY

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