Win Us Over


ASG (Amplification of Self Gratification) always has great album covers, and their fourth release, Win Us Over, is perhaps the most eye catching thus far. It’s a psychedelic mirror-image of two naked women whose hair become vines that entangle them. It’s reminiscent of the famous poster art of the Fillmore and is very Gary Grimshaw (check him out:, he’s amazing!). The artist’s name is Malleus (, and his contribution to this album is my most favorite thing about it.

Musically ASG are four guys from North Carolina who combine southern rock, 70’s metal, skate punk, and a dose of psychedelic. Because of all of these eclectic interests, Win Us Over as a whole sounds like three albums in one rather than one well-constructed concept. When broken up, I can grab onto songs and hold tight (“Right Before Death”, “Gallop Song”, “Glow”), but riding this whole disc all the way through is a bit like trying to digest a Stanley Kubrick film when you’re half asleep.

ASG will fit nicely on your shelf alongside The Sword, Year Long Disaster, Earl Greyhound, and Wolfmother.


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