Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Dandelion Gum


Creating a niche where no one thought there was need, Black Moth Super Rainbow have inexplicably hit the shores of the mainstream this year. Dandelion Gum isn’t necessarily more accessible than their previous efforts at electronic psychedelica and analogue pastoralisms, but maybe with the glut of other indie bands crossing over it could be a case of right time, right place.

The overarching sound of this disc is like drugged-out picnic where each ray of sunlight buzzes at some sugary frequency. It’s as if Candyland were an actual destination and the entire city was laced with acid. There’s a childlike element to the melodies and the vocoded singing that evokes the great Boards of Canada and their blissed out samples, but BMSR don’t even attempt a mature resonance, streaming straight from the id, carefree and surefooted. Even the more organic trips the group takes, like the guitar-heavy “Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack Made of Shingles” and the dusky sunset “Untitled Roadside Demo” feel well subsumed in a dreamy haze. These moments might add a little bit of shading but the whole is undeniably Technicolor and energizing.

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