Mirror Flake


The flagship release for the new Japanese label Flau, Mirror Flake‘s smooth liquidity of sound will instantly ring familiar and pleasant to listeners versed in contemporary computer-generated lounge. Cokiyu’s gentle ebb and flow of chirps and softly circulating beats creates barely a ripple, but the serenity is completely inviting. “Hedgehog’s Wedding” could not be more evocative of the memory of a perfect summer’s day, which shines bright through a strong haze of indistinct memory. There’s a minor chord, nostalgia-eking thread that runs through these compositions, one that that doesn’t really command a rush to the dance floor but still makes a plea for physical intimacy. Tracks like the title track and “In the Air” are almost natural extensions of all the western acts populating the Lost In Translation soundtrack; they’re rife with slightly cold, austere electronics captured in a pre-dawn light. Mirror Flake‘s subtlety is both one of its most endearing traits and what will be responsible for keeping it under-recognized. For those lucky enough to stumble on it though, there’s an undeniably sweet reward to be found within.


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