Dub Trio

Dub Trio

Dub Trio

Cool Out and Coexist


This live recording of Brooklyn-based Dub Trio stomps you goofy! Like noise-rock turned on its ear a thousand times over, the thick and massive cement chunks of amped-up dub fused with double weaved iron cords of jazz fusion and metal, all join together in a glorious liberation of free for all improvisational fuzz-rock!

The power of this live recording, comprised of tracks from earlier Dub Trio albums (Exploring the Dangers of and New Heavy), lies in the expert recording of their label, ROIR, who has a long history of capturing the live energy of bands like MC5, Television, and Bush Tetras. This hour-long extensional joy-ride is a seamless and unlikely amalgamation of dub and metal doused with glorious rhythm breaks and cinematic swoops that dive deep into your psyche, separating your consciousness from your physical members and thus unlocking parts of your internal rhythms you might not have otherwise known even existed.

Who are Dub Trio and the creators of this 2007 Cool Out and Coexist release? Experienced session men Stu Brooks (Bass), D.P. Holmes (guitar), and Joe Tomino (Drums), all of whom have worked on A-list productions in hip hop and rock and clearly take extreme pleasure in sending you on an instrumental mind-bending trip through a dark, eerie, and irresistible tunnel filled with jagged and barbed melodic nods to Sonic Youth and Bad Brains but end up creating a world that is ruled all by themselves.

These guys aren’t all brawn and muscle as “Casting out the Nines” displays, and can provide the melodic balance and swiftly shift tempos and textures, going from a tenacious stomp to a subtle subconscious tinker, making this live recording a great example of the kinetic live show and tasty appetizer to the forthcoming 2008 release Another Sound is Dying.

Dub Trio: www.dubtrio.com

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