God or Julie

God or Julie

God or Julie

This Road Before

Trash Box Records

Drawing inspiration from contemporaries such as Muse and Kill Hannah, God or Julie’s second album This Road Before is a highly accomplished effort that could help the band make the transition from Denver hopefuls to nationally-recognized stars.

Their brand of modern rock opera is highly infectious and appealing, with some terrific melodies, punchy guitars, and the sort of breathless vocals that should tick all the right boxes for fans of My Chemical Romance.

The pomp and ceremony of “Nothing Further From the Truth” opens the album in energetic style, before “Waste Your Tears” and “Bury Me” continue to display the trademark God or Julie sound. The band has recently relocated to New York and by snagging acclaimed producer David Bendeth to work on two tracks, the move has already paid off. Indeed, one of those tracks, “Say Your Last Goodbye”, is the album’s standout, with a huge chorus and crisp production and could be the song that really puts God or Julie on the map.

God or Julie: http://www.godorjulie.com

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