Magnet School

Magnet School

Magnet School

Tonight We Drink…Tomorrow We Battle the Evil at Hand


If Foo Fighters can be cited as a major credible influence in your rule book, then Magnet School are not only legitimate but they may even make your head spin. They will amply fill the void for fans of Jawbox, Shutter to Think, or Swervedriver (they cover a Swervedriver tune, “Never Lose That Feeling”, to further drive that void home). However, if you got over the after-midnight drone of alternative rock by 1996, then this band will just blur into the backdrop of minor nostalgia for your jaded ears.

These sort of post-alternative, fuzz-filled drone rock bands can tickle my eardrums in the same way that hearing an old Sonic Youth song will, but I rarely find myself going back to these albums after the initial listen or two. “XX” and “Crush” both have good chances of finding their ways onto my iPod, but beyond that, Tonight We Drink…Tomorrow We Battle the Evil at Hand (what a great album title!), will probably stay on the shelf for years before it finds its way back into my stereo. Once it does, maybe I’ll be able to listen to it from a distance, without comparing it to the music I fed upon just a short 15 years ago.

Magnet School:

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