Pride Tiger

Pride Tiger

Pride Tiger

The Lucky Ones


“The Boys are Back in Town,” only this time instead of hailing from Thin Lizzy’s Ireland, they’re stirring up trouble in Vancouver, Canada.

Pride Tiger want to rock like it’s 1976. Their first full length, The Lucky Ones, yanks its voice, its riffs, and its overall mood from not just Thin Lizzy, but from Deep Purple, AC/DC and any number of lesser-known mid ’70s classic rock bands that knew how to inject melody in metal. The Lucky Ones will have you reaching for another beer, or your bong. In the very least it will have you inadvertently playing air guitar and banging your head.

“Let ’em Go,” is the album’s most successful rock anthem — though its chorus of “He’s got a good head/on his shoulders” can get a little tiresome. Actually, a lot of this album falls into that same trap. Songs start off strong, with big riffs and arena-filling vocals and then get lost somewhere after the first verse. If they could learn not to blow their whole wad in the first 30 seconds of the song, this band could really rock.

Pride Tiger:

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