The Mojomatics

The Mojomatics

The Mojomatics

Songs For Faraway Lovers

Alien Snatch Records

Trends come and go. Good ones become entrenched in society, like loud roots rock. Others, like the Enhanced CD, ought to disappear, along with draconian rights management software. That splits my position on the Mojomatics, a noisy but very enjoyable band playing a style of early rock and roll, super charged blues, and the occasional country tune. With the energy and fun they bring to this disc, I can even forgive their cheesy stage names – MojoMatt (Guitar) and DavMatic (Drums). They’ve been nice enough to include their video “No Place to Go” which requires that pesky “enhancement” digital track and confounds my listening freedom. True, “No Place to go” is the best song on the disc, and it’s super arty, being both Lo-Fi AND Black and White. The result is an arty minimalist sort of rock and roll that sounds like there are 5 or 6 studio musicians lurking somewhere. Here’s my vote. Mojomatics rock and roll – good. Can’t play on a computer – bad. Why do we have to compromise on something as essential as a good time?

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