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American Nervoso

Hydra Head Records

Originally released in 1998, Botch’s American Nervoso completely revolutionized metal, hardcore, grindcore, and everything in between. Hey, I don’t make this shit up; ask anybody. This album defines blitzkrieg. Rumor has it the syncopated rhythms were devised by a mathematician and the guitars go to fucking 11. I shit you not… okay, maybe just a little. Seriously though, Botch’s self-proclaimed “evil math rock” will leave you wondering how any band can really hope to live up to this standard.

Here is the good news. Hydra Head Records reissued this groundbreaking album this year. Before July 2007, you would have had to pry this CD from the cold, dead fingers of a grizzled metalhead. But now you can just go down to the record shop and buy your own copy. And guess what? The good people down at Hydra Head included five bonus tracks. So even after the album is over, you can just keep rocking for like 15 more minutes.

Honestly, this album will kick your ass and you will ask for more. If you don’t own it already, this reissue makes it easy to get your grubby little hands on a copy. If you already have it, good for you! Listen to it again. If you hate hardcore music like I do, borrow a copy and seek enlightenment. You will be converted to Botch’s evil army by the end of the week.

Hydra Head:

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