The self-released EP by ex members (get it!) of other bands is more like a single in that it’s only got three songs to digest.

Let’s start with the band: Shirle Hale was in Gerty!, Mary Lou Lord, and Womyn of Destruction, David K. was in Gerty! and Liquor Bike, and Melissa York was in Butchies and Team Dresch. Being a card-carrying HUGE fan of both Team Dresch and Butchies, it was York’s involvement with this project that sparked my radar. Of course, Ex-Members sound absolutely nothing like either of those bands. York has traded in riot grrrl rock for new wave/electro synth pop.

“Into the Nite”, “Big Black Goodbye”, and “Wishes” play out like a less-sexualized Peaches, or Le Tigre turned down a few notches. These tunes are danceable, singable, and entirely likable but not necessarily memorable. Maybe I’m just still mourning the breakup of Butchies, but these songs just sound like background music for a club scene on The L Word.

Ex-Members: www.myspace.com/theexmembers

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