Part Timer

Part Timer

Part Timer



Part Timer’s Blue picks up where the Rachel’s collective left off a half-decade ago. This is a disc full of chamber music refracted through multiple layers of experimentation and boundary pushing. For the most part, PT keeps things fluid and bubbly, playing with a Pinback-like elasticity, but the sound delves into the lonesome West on “Theme From Part Timer” and flutters on pastoral acoustic guitar lines and cascading analogue melodies on “Hens Teeth.” On the whole, Blue is unpretentious even in its incongruous arty moments. The disc’s only bruises come through on the glitchy, remix fare with chopped-up, field-recorded vocals like “Four Timer (Mix Two).” Excising these broken break beats next time around will shore up Part Timer’s sound into something that’s both cutting edge and soundtrack-worthy.


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