The Hard Lessons

The Hard Lessons

The Hard Lessons

B & G Sides Volume 1

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Michigan’s The Hard Lessons have just put out the first of a four-part series called B & G Sides, which stands for “Girl Sides” and “Boy Sides,” that will be available on CD, vinyl, or as a digital download. Each single will feature a “G” song (sung by KoKo) and a “B” song (sung by male vocalist, Augie). Though this introductory installment offers only two and a half songs, those seven minutes of heaven are so delicious that they are worthy of review.

“See and Be Scene” and “Don’t Shake My Tree” are pop songs complete with hand claps, group vocals, and sweet little voices that will melt your heart. That first tune will eat up your brain no matter how hard you may try to resist, and if Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses) teamed up with Motion City Soundtrack, she may have come up with a song like “Don’t Shake My Tree.”

Though double-dipped in candy coating, The Hard Lessons still injected these songs with just enough vocal edge and guitar fuzz to keep them rockin’! Celebrate pop music, guilt-free!

The Hard Lessons:

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