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A germ lab for Athens?

What is NBAF?

NBAF (National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility) is a potential Department of Homeland Security deadly germ lab that is being proposed for Athens, GA. At 520,000 square feet, approximately the size of five Wal-Marts, NBAF would be one of the largest buildings in Athens. It would be located on 66 acres land of that the University of Georgia is offering up to The Department of Homeland Security. The proposed site is located near the corner of South Milledge Avenue and Whitehall Road – current home of the UGA equestrian complex -between Whitehall Forest and the State Botanical Garden.

Bio-Safety Level 4 biodefense labs are high-containment facilities where research is conducted on lethal pathogens for which there is no known cure or remedy. No one knows exactly how many there are. No one knows how safe they are, and no one knows exactly what types of infectious agents are being researched inside their walls.</em>

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