Has Boortz finally gotten suspended?

Has Boortz finally gotten suspended?

Has Neal Boortz Been Suspended?

According to his website, boortz.com, Neal is on vacation this week. Normally, Boortz talks about upcoming vacations on the air, but this time he announced it on his website as an “Afterthought.” He also claims that he hasn’t taken his full vacation time in five years.

What odd timing … just as a groundswell of condemnation hits him for mocking and ridiculing a nine-year-old disabled child on national radio, he takes a powder.

Beginning on March 7 of this year, Boortz began playing an audiotape of a nine-year-old north Georgia boy who suffers from ADHD along with other disabilities. Boortz mocked the child’s speech patterns, said he sounded “dumb as a stump,” suggested that he’d never be anything more than a “tire changer” or a “worm farmer,” and accused his father of “child abuse” based solely on the boy’s speech.

From the comments to the article:

During today’s Neal Boortz radio broadcast (4/28/08), both guest host Herman Cain and lead traffic reporter Herb Emory said plainly that Boortz has been suspended and he will return Monday.

While any punishment of Atlanta’s draft dodging, warmongering hypocrite is welcome, Neal should have been off the air long ago, and it’s a black mark on Atlanta’s landmark radio station WSB to continue to have Boortz in its employ, along with crazed homophobe Michael Savage. It will be interesting to hear if serial liar Boortz mentions this at all on his show. Somebody leave a comment if he does, I don’t have the stomach to actually hear his voice.

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