No Salvation


Lousville, KY’s Coliseum is the demonstration of what should happen when hardcore punk and heavy metal collide. The end result should be biting, relentless, loud, and forceful in a manner that is still approachable. No Salvation, the band’s second full length, is all of these things. It, and the band, are equal parts Motorhead and Black Flag.

Produced by Converge vocalist Kurt Ballou, the Relapse release is entirely enjoyable as music, not just something to crank up and thrash to. Despite vocalist/guitarist Ryan Patterson’s raw screams that are indecipherable on the first listen, the lyrics and melodies have a way of seeping into the subconscious after repeated listens. If not singable, this album is at least “screamable.”

Coliseum will tickle you in all the right places if you dig Young Widows, Converge, Vision of Disorder, and Black Cross.

Best songs: “Profetas,” “White Religion,” “Fall of the Pigs.”


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