Ghosts in the City

24 Hour Service Station

Offering another flavor into the already bountiful Orlando music mixture, History delivers with a sound that has its feet planted firmly in the mid ’90s post-punk past. Their debut, Ghosts in the City, may take multiple listens to hold tight, but once inside the ear the layers of noise offer nostalgia to those of us who remember bands like Fugazi, Superchunk, and Helmet. For those of a younger age, they will – with any luck – open up new ears to old times.

The dual vocals of Matt Caron and Melissa Parker are as pleasant a pairing as Frank Black and Kim Deal were. Where Caron is frantic and full of nervous anxiety, Parker is a like a smooth milkshake.

Where this Florida band stems off from the otherwise post-punk influence is in the slightly electronic base coat brought on board by the inclusion of a moog keyboard, and the occasional experimental instrumental breaks.

Songs to start with: “Brake Through Hour Wall Sew We Can Sea Where the Rats Arrgh,” “Bloody Death of Murder,” “It’s Ladies Night Somewhere,” and “Horn of the Unicorn.”

History: http://www.historyband.com

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