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I was surprised when I popped in Science for Girls. The subdued, melodic streams of electronica mixed with Brazilian rhythms meandered alongside the humming Hammond organ as it tugged gently, trying to synchronize with the organ in my chest, pulling me into that laid-back Imogen Heap lounge mood. But then came the jarring alternating track of acoustic guitar with straightforward and witty lyrics, especially that crafty Aussie-based travelogue song, “Australia,” which made me think, “…wait, I was just getting into the lounge mood and then you go and toss in singer-songwriter lyrics that make me think beyond the song?”

That’s fine, I guess, and I completely agree with the press release that calls NYC producer and songwriter Darren Solomon’s debut album “a juicy musical hybrid kissed by the sounds of classic pop, jazz, and Brazilian.” It’s certainly that. But after a few trips through, I’m still trying to figure out if I want to wipe the confusing hybrid smooch from my sonic lips completely, or just wipe off the half I don’t like whenever I figure out what that part is. If you’re looking for a straight answer, sorry, I don’t have one. My only advice is to go at this album knowing that it’s a half-successful experiment that both confused me and gave me a good amount of subdued listening pleasure. And at the time of writing this review, I was split somewhere between having a weird aftertaste of disorientation and enjoying the submersion into the electro-beats and lounge groove of scientific beats designed for females. Maybe that’s the problem? Nope, it’s just a moniker metaphor. But Solomon’s eclectic electro-organic blend is going to take some getting used to.

Science for Girls:

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