The Black Angels

The Black Angels

The Black Angels

Directions to See a Ghost

Light in the Attic

Invoking dark echoes of psychedelic fuzz rock, the experimental depths of The Velvet Underground, and the black-clad British post punk ’80s world dominated by the likes of Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, The Black Angels stand atop a heap of competitors to be awarded the title of most true to tradition. The experience of listening to Directions to See a Ghost could be likened to a good acid trip, for the result of dimming the lights, sparking up candles, and cranking the volume on this haunting release is a mind-altering one.

The complicated souls behind these sexually stimulating sounds hail not from the expected streets of NYC or London, but from the sun-streaked passages of Austin, Texas. Like The Doors, another obvious influence on the band’s aura, a desert-scorched, countrified blues sound can be heard on songs like “18 Years” and “Vikings.” Not to be pigeon-holed to one genre, “Dee-Ree-Shee” is Middle Eastern in flavor.

If it’s strictly an auditory orgasm you’re after, tune into “You on the Run,” or “Science Killer.” The 16-minute long closing track should be reserved for those prepared for a tantric moment of guitar bliss.

The Black Angels:

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