Thee Merry Widows

Thee Merry Widows

Thee Merry Widows

The Devil’s Outlaw

I Used to Fuck People Like You in Prison Records

Imagine all of those black-clothed, dolled-up chicks you see dancing at psychobilly shows. Now imagine them as the ones on-stage with the instruments.

Thee Merry Widows includes a burlesque dancer as vocalist and a kindergarten teacher on lead guitar. Those two, combined with three other equally intriguing ladies who put as much thought into their makeup and dress as they do their music, make for a spectacle that begs to be seen and heard.

Singer Miss Eva Von Slut sings like an estrogen-injected Glenn Danzig, and the songs that she and her Merry Widows make are a unique blend of psychobilly, surf, garage rock, and horror punk. If The Misfits melted into Horrorpops, they might sound something like Thee Merry Widows.

They’ve got an upcoming show at San Quentin Prison which I would love to witness, but for now I have to just revel in the dark debauchery of songs like “I Want ‘em Dead,” “The Devil’s Outlaw,” and “The Howl.”

Thee Merry Widows:

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