The Watson Twins

The Watson Twins

The Watson Twins

Fire Songs

Vanguard Records

You may have heard of the Watson Twins from their collaboration with Rilo Kiley’s lead singer, Jenny Lewis, on their 2006 record, Rabbit Fur Coat. Now the Twins are ready to go at it on their own and based on their stellar Vanguard debut, Fire Songs, they are more than ready.

“Lady Love Me” is a perfect blend of Americana and folk-rock, while the closer, “Waves,” has a more vocally mystical feel to it — similar to early Sarah McLachlan — until the drum kicks in and brings it back to the realm of alt-country.

The best track, “Old Ways,” is a perfect throwback to old-school country. It’s like the band took a track from country legend Patsy Cline’s repertoire and made it their own. Except it was their own to begin with.

While The Watson Twins effortlessly switch from upbeat indie-rock (“How Am I to Be”) to haunting indie-rock (“Fall”) to straight alt-country (“Bar Woman Blues”), the glue that holds together this record and makes it great is the straight-from-the-soul alto vocals and intimate harmonies.

Fire Songs is a must-have for any alt-country and indie fan. And for those who are not, take a listen anyway. The Watson Twins will have you enraptured in no time.


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