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Victor Victor Band’s debut album, Chatterbox, is a roughly produced, casually executed wonder.

The Philadelphia duo, Jamie and Danielle Victor, are a married couple who have immersed themselves in blues-based garage rock. A guy and a girl playing blues-soaked garage rock? Heard that one before, have ya? Yeah, they bear similarities to the masters of their field (The White Stripes, of course), but most of these similarities fall away after the first song or two. This duo tends to steer their sound deeper into the psychedelic ’60s rather than the southern-soaked blues or Detroit roots of punk.

Chatterbox’s only throwaway cuts are not songs, but spoken bits of goofing around in the studio. The candid “chatter” may have been the source of the album’s title, but for me these moments are entirely skip-able. Other than those digressions, this is one flawless collection of songs. Begin with the opening song, “Do,” and work your way all the way into the final cut – an instrumental version of the same song.

Until a label snatches them up, this album can currently be downloaded from a link on their MySpace page. Better yet, track them down and get yourself a uniquely packaged, limited edition, hand-numbered-by-the-band copy of the disc.

Victor Victor Band:

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