How far is this crap gonna go?

How far is this crap gonna go?

San Francisco board passes drugstore tobacco ban

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 on Tuesday to ban the sale of tobacco in pharmacies beginning this fall, making it the first U.S. city to impose such a ban, a mayor’s office official said.

The measure, which was proposed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, amends San Francisco’s health code to prohibit tobacco sales in any pharmacy, whether a small mom-and-pop store or a large retailer like Walgreens. Drugstores caught selling tobacco products in the city will be fined up to $1,000.

“A pharmacy should be a place you go to get better, not a place you go to get cancer,” said Nathan Ballard, a spokesman for the mayor’s office.
LA blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas

LOS ANGELES – City officials are putting South Los Angeles on a diet.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to place a moratorium on new fast food restaurants in an impoverished swath of the city with a proliferation of such eateries and above average rates of obesity.

The yearlong moratorium is intended to give the city time to attract restaurants that serve healthier food. The action, which the mayor must still sign into law, is believed to be the first of its kind by a major city to protect public health.

“Our communities have an extreme shortage of quality foods,” City Councilman Bernard Parks said.

Really? I’ve never been to L.A., is it some remote outpost in the tundra, isolated from civilization?


Ok, then exactly why, City Councilman Parks, do you consider it the proper role of government to limit choices to the public, based on some vague “poor people are fat” do gooder nanny state bullshit? You must also believe that the business community of the area are woefully inept, unable to see a potential for revenue, selling tofu to urban residents. And those residents! Dear lord, they’d be reduced to eating dirt and twigs without your benevolent guidance! Or the horror, they might wander into a place of business to purchase a legal product such as tobacco.

At what point do you go from banning to mandating? Are you going to censor television in the hood? Shut off BET and replace it with PBS? Out with all the malt liquor, in with the Stoli?

Government’s role in our lives, the reason it was created, was to do for the citizens that which they cannot do for themselves- like fighting wars or inspecting bridges. Men didn’t watch their buddies freeze to death during the Revolutionary war just so you can play massa by keeping someone from spending their own money on a pack of Winstons or a fucking cheeseburger.

Between reading these accounts and watching that sniveling, craven idiot Nancy Pelosi simpering about the plight of being the majority party on The Daily Show last night, makes me want to hang the lot of ’em, every elected official in this nation, and replace them all by lottery, like jury duty.

It literally couldn’t be any worse.

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