No Redeeming Social Value

No Redeeming Social Value

No Redeeming Social Value

Still Drinking

Dead City Records

Lunk-headed hardcore bands — ya gotta love ’em. This particular batch shaves their heads (check), attracts a stage jumping mosh pit audience (check) and plays with all knobs set to 11 (check). They also like Olde English 800, a malt beverage known for inducing hangovers by just looking at the bottle, which makes a distinct statement about the band’s socio-economic class struggle.

Musically, these guys are a bit reminiscent of Beastie Boys, but leaning more toward the white boy end of the spectrum. They put on an exciting show and include three bonus videos on the “enhanced” CD (that’s code speak for “don’t expect to play the disc on your computer”). Lyrics are much better than most, even if the Olde English product placements get in the way from time to time. When the band isn’t drinking the stuff, they spend the rest of the day recovering from it.

There’s some fun material here — “Drinking is not a game” lists about 40 chugging games, none of which I recall too clearly. There’s a bonus DVD with a promo video showing the most disgusting pool party ever, and if you’re under 20, this disc will really tick off your folks. If you’re older and you have a 30-year-old sleeping on the couch, this ought to chase him out the house and into his own place.

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