The Walkup

The Walkup

The Walkup

Down On Pacific

Reynolds Recording Co.

There’s a whole lot of musical history stacked up in-between the notes of The Walkup’s Down On Pacific. Sounding like the latest addition to New York City’s post-punk present, this foursome’s influence can be traced from Bloc Party backwards to Interpol, The Smiths, and then Gang of Four before them.

If they have any ambitions for a long career, they need to find a unique spin on this already accomplished sound. Singer Alex Koch has a voice that leans ever so slightly into a Manchester drawl, and Sean Finnigan’s playful guitar tones find the missing link between The Clash and Franz Ferdinand, but what does The Walkup sound like?

This is a highly listenable album, and I’d jump at the chance to see them perform these songs live, but in terms of the music, the most original thing about this album is the Norman Rockwell style cover.

Songs to stick on a playlist: “Looks Like We Haven’t Learned a Thing,” “Conversation,” and “The Long Hours.”

The Walkup:

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