Is this guy still tax-exempt?

Is this guy still tax-exempt?

Made the mistake of flipping around cableland last night (shudder…) and stumbled upon the Texas Twisted, John Hagee, pimping this:



Which deals with the following “issues”:

Vote the Bible. It is a 3 part sermon series that covers the following:

* God’s Purpose for the Church
* Should Christians get involved in the Political Process?

* The Bible’s Position on Abortion
* Defending Religious Freedom…Is It Ever Right to Defy the Government?

* War: Is It Ever Justified?
* The Crisis of Education
* The Coming Economic Crash
* The Immigration Crisis
* The Marriage Crisis
* Global Warming: Fact or Farce?

I want you to get this series, listen to it until this oasis of truth becomes a part of your knowledge base and then give it to friends and family. This series can make a difference as America prepares to select our next President.

So between this political advocacy, and his endorsement of McCain, how does this swindling behemoth keep his tax exemption?

Or phrased another way…why am I paying this gasbag of hate and stupidity against my will?

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