Putin wears tin foil hat…or does he?

Putin wears tin foil hat…or does he?

Vladimir Putin accuses Bush of provoking Georgia conflict to help John McCain

The Russian Prime Minister said that arming Georgia and pushing for conflict would give ‘competitive advantage to one US candidate’

Vladimir Putin accused President Bush tonight of orchestrating the war in Georgia in a plot to get John McCain elected to the White House.

In his most explosive allegation since the South Ossetia crisis erupted, the Russian Prime Minister said that the United States had provoked the conflict to aid the Republican candidate, who is an outspoken critic of the Kremlin.

“It is not just that the American side could not restrain the Georgian leadership from this criminal act. The American side in effect armed and trained the Georgian army,” Mr Putin said.

“Why spend years holding difficult negotiations and looking for complicated compromises in ethnic conflicts? It’s easier to arm one of the parties and push it to kill the other party, and the job is done.

“The suspicion arises that someone in the United States especially created this conflict with the aim of making the situation more tense and creating a competitive advantage for one of the candidates fighting for the post of US President.”

This is the sort of utter nonsense you gotta expect from some commie nutcase. I mean, just how crazy do you have to be to think that our President would slaughter innocent civilians and start a war just for political ends?



Oh yeah, that. Nevermind…

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