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Attention fans of Death Cab for Cutie: Your new favorite band is here! Anthem In creates quiet vocals over intense melodies to create a darkly rich and insanely catchy self-titled debut album.

The quintet has not even been together a year, but they sound as if they’ve been making music for years. Take the opening track, “Moving On,” for instance. Drummer Paul Petitto makes the high-hat dance while keeping a steady military snare beat. Matthew Dunehoo plays a muted and fuzzy guitar while Keith Vogelsong’s bass lines dance underneath it all. Add in Ashley Proffitt’s Wurlizer and Allen Orr’s subdued vocals and they all mix together to make some of the best danceable rock of the year.

Vogelsong’s bass solo on “In My Life” is the most fun bass line since The Hives’ “Hate to Say I Told You So.” “Down” is an instant classic with the “So take me out onto the dancefloor” chorus, which is exactly where you’ll find this song.

“Five Minutes” rips off the guitar from “Sister Surround” by The Soundtrack of Our Lives, but it makes the song that much better. “I’ll Tell You Everything” finishes with a “Ba, ba, ba” chorus that will have you chanting along without even noticing it.

The self-titled debut from Anthem In is full of catchy rock that is instantly dance-worthy. If they can make music this good after only six months together (this recording was done last January), then there’s no telling how good they can be after a few years together.

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