Eyes To Space

Eyes To Space

Eyes To Space

From the Bureau of Robotic Affairs


I’ve heard the noise in space sounds like pumps pushing water and air around and not the ethereal theremin noises we were promised. Eyes To Space claims space sounds more like a power pop synthesizer and guitar band, and while that may not be as accurate, it’s much more fun. Their music is high-energy and reminds me of sped-up King Crimson or Devo after they got the spasms under control. Their approach to music is technically savvy; they make a big deal about their keytar, and I suspect they have a bent Casio SK-1 lying around the studio too.

The band members play around the Chapel Hill area for different groups. Bassist Wendy Spitzer plays with a chamber pop group and keytarist Jay Cartwright is a refugee from at least three other bands. Their lyrics are a bit hard to hear under the complex and noisy sound, but the clever wordplay and tight arrangements make them a show I’d like to see. Eyes to Space rocks and never reminds you of how bad things might be back on Earth.

Eyes to Space: www.eyestospace.com

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