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Drummer John Moen already has a stellar resume. He’s been the drummer for Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, the late Elliott Smith, and he is the current drummer for indie darlings Decemberists. Moen has always been either in the background or a part of a whole. Now he’s ready to take the spotlight as the lead singer and songwriter of Perhapst. Judging by the self-titled debut, he’s been doing more than just playing the drums.

“Caution” is an alt-country barn-burner that would be right at home on a Ryan Adams album as it comes complete with time signature changes and a harmonica. The album ends with a beautiful alt-country ballad “Aren’t You Glowing.”

Moen also does indie-pop just as well, especially with the gems “Quote,” the Elliott Smith-sounding “Hyper Planets,” and the Pavement-esque “Blue Year.”

Perhapst is exactly what you’d expect from an indie-pop group. It has just enough fuzz and quirkiness to make it not radio-friendly, but it has the hooks to keep anyone with musical taste listening.

In Music We Trust:

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