Somethings up

Somethings up

McCain Campaign Sends A Dozen Communications Operatives, Lawyers To Alaska

One could spend the rest of the days until the election pondering the “why” of Sarah Palin becoming the VP pick- although its doubtful that she’ll be on the ticket come November, given the various details about starting to emerge- did ya know she once served on a group who’s aim was to have Alaska secede from the United States? Doubt we’ve ever had a candidate with that on their resume before.

But something is up. As speculated before, the McCain campaign is a floundering disgrace to f’ups, and they are putting on a good show of appearing to not want the job at all. Sure, Palin is a dandy hunk of MILF meat tossed to the Dobson crowd, but those people don’t elect a president, no matter what the nattering nabobs of stupid want to tell ya on Faux. And if McStupid thinks that he’s gonna win the PUMA vote, ha. Those women might have only become interested in politics once a candidate emerged who urinated in the same manner as they, but lord, they ain’t completely stupid, and see this anti-choice mooseburger eating airhead for what she is, the Princess of Pander.

But something is afoot. There is absolutely no way that the political apparatus that sold the lies of 9-11, the Iraqi war, stole two elections and stonewalled Congress on everything does something this incredibly stupid. No way in hell.

So what the hell are they up to?

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