Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot

3 Rounds and a Sound

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I absolutely love Beck’s Sea Change. Its intimate, acoustic sound projects his broken heart in ways that I have rarely heard. The duo Blind Pilot must have been taking notes because that is exactly how I felt listening to their debut 3 Rounds and a Sound.

“Things I Cannot Recall” is one of the best examples of the note-taking-gone-right with the line “All the photos came out lonely/ But we were not alone.” The opener “Oviedo,” however, sounds like something pulled straight from The Shins’ Chutes Too Narrow album complete with softly-playing trumpets and lines like “Your breath was courage laced with alcohol.”

The lyrics written by lead singer/songwriter Israel Nebeker tug at your heartstrings and place you right in the middle of the story that is told in each and every song. On “Poor Boy,” Nebeker laments about not being able to afford much culminating with the cryptic line, “Poor boy, your wife is in hard labor/ Go buy the flowers you’ll leave on its grave.” Having two boys myself, that line makes me tear up every time.

3 Rounds and a Sound is an exceptionally gorgeous album. It’s a perfect mix of Sea Change mixed with some Shins and a dash of Iron & Wine. Go get lost with Blind Pilot.

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