The Go-Sheilas

The Go-Sheilas

The Go-Sheilas

Greatest Hits Vol. 1

RemLo Productions

Sitting snugly between The Go-Go’s and Dancehall Crashers, The Go-Sheilas have emerged out of the saturated pop-punk mecca of Orange County, California, and managed to create a sound that differentiates them immediately from their peers. Thanks to the timeless vocals and pinup girl looks of Sheila Go Sheila, their otherwise straightforward classic street punk approach walks into sock hop pop-friendly territory. If a Pink Lady headed up a band backed by the T-birds, it may very well sound like this.

While Greatest Hits Vol. 1 reminds me of several albums that have come across my radar in recent years, what this band most reminds me of are the female-led ska punk acts of the ’90s. Aside from the aforementioned Dancehall Crashers, there was Save Ferris and — of course — No Doubt. The glaring difference between this and those bands is the lack of horns or any sort of ska influence; the similarity rests in the vocal delivery. Turn on “What I Say” and then check out “Queen For a Day” off of Dancehall Crashers Lockjaw.

Truthfully, just about every song on this album brings to mind another band. On “I Can Make It” and “True,” The Go-Sheilas are picking up where The Go-Go’s, Bananarama, and The Bangles left off and injecting those prior all-girl pop bands with a little dose of testosterone in the form of heavy riffage. “Procrastination” and “The Lonely Road” are so close to Green Day’s sound that if I listen closely I can hear chord progression straight off of Dookie. “Unforgiven” could be a Horrorpops tune. But on “Holiday” they find a way to mix it all up and spit out a perfect little pop song that sounds like no one but The Go-Sheilas.

If you come to adore The Go-Sheilas — and you probably will — then check out The Randies, The Riff Randells, and The Donnas.

The Go-Sheilas:

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