The Paper Champions

The Paper Champions

The Paper Champions

Sounds From the Cutting Room Floor

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Two years ago, I reviewed an EP called End.Transmision from the rock/pop group The Paper Champions. I had never heard of them before, but I loved the four-song 16 -minute tour-de-force, dedicated to Amelia Earhart. Now, after only one full-length album and that EP, comes an album of odds and ends called Sounds From the Cutting Room Floor.

Now it may seem too early for this quartet to be cleaning out their outtakes already, but they sound at the top of their game on the killer “Remember This” and “The Wait,” both original versions of tracks on their full-length album Weekend of Compromise. They also crank out the b-sides “Static Sings,” “There’s Truth in Irony” and “One and One” with as much passion as any of their a-sides.

Sounds From the Cutting Room Floor is not the best thing that The Paper Champions have released simply because these are outtakes. They are raw and some of the tracks are in monotone. They are meant as a way to understand where the band came from and how they got where they are now. Once you realize that, you will gain a greater appreciation for the band and for the album. I have.

The Paper Champions:

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