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Greg Laswell

Greg Laswell

Three Flights From Alto Nido


Three Flights From Alto Nido is Greg Laswell’s third in a trilogy of heartbreak and redemption. Starting with the full-length Through Toledo and running through the redemptive EP How the Day Sounds, Laswell’s latest paints an amazingly intimate picture on how to let go of the one you love.

“It’s Been a Year” is a melancholy take on when an ex calls a year after breaking up. “I should know better by now/ Than to pick up that …phone,” Laswell laments. He displays his best Coldplay (quite well, actually) on the grandiose “Comes and Goes (In Waves).”

Two of the tracks on this album come straight from his previous EP. “How the Day Sounds” and “Days Go On” are the most optimistic songs on the EP so it only makes sense to transfer them to this more hopeful album. With the addition of those two songs, the transition from the EP to this album makes the trilogy complete.

Three Flights From Alto Nido is a very calculated title. “Alto nido” in Spanish means “high nest.” As Laswell puts it, “‘Three flights up’ implies that you are on your way up to a ‘high nest,’ even if you are not quite there yet.” This album signifies that Laswell is closer to his “alto nido” which seems to be peace and forgiveness. Here’s hoping he finds it and that it launches his career to the next level.

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