I Walked with a Brain Eating Zombie!

I Walked with a Brain Eating Zombie!

I had to check the date, make certain it wasn’t April Fools Day. It wasn’t. Apparently some of the brain trust behind the Saw movies and the teen gender bening comedy She’s the Man (which was a blatant rip off of the Japanese manga Hana-Kimi) have teamed up to destroy the reputation of three horror classics and two horror masters. The Val Lewton films I Walked with a Zombie (1943), The Body Snatcher (1945) and Beldlam (1946) are all going to be remade.

The Lewton films are classics of subtlety, restraint, atmosphere, and imagined horror. Fine acting and beautiful camera work and lighting raise these films far out of their low budget status. None of these adjectives come to mind when one thinks of Saw.

Bedlam and The Body Snatcher were two of Boris Karloff’s best and personal favorite films. The characters were a far cry from the run of mad scientists he was relegated to playing in the mid forties.

Again Hollywood seems to have run out of any fresh ideas and continues to mine classic titles for a quick buck! Shameful.

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