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Dave Corp

Dave Corp

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There will always be a place in my heart for weird ambient noodling with a faint aftertaste of jazz. Not a big place, mind you, but at least as large as the Grinch’s heart. Dave Corp revolves around keyboardist Dave Archer with drummer Mike Hankle and the enigmatic Mr. Grin on bass. They produce some throbbing fusion of Yes-like keyboard solos, strange time signatures, and slightly asymmetric drums and cymbals, recalling the glory days of progressive rock. I hear a touch of Zappa, some early King Crimson, and an angry version of Tangerine Dream. These guys are good; they’ve worked with the likes of Blue Man Group, Todd Rundgren, and Fischerspooner. Song titles for each workout are nonsensical yet somehow appropriate – “Homeschool,” “Moron Pills,” and “Bad Lieutenant” are my favorites. There’s a sci-fi soundtrack lurking in Dave Corp, let’s hope someone lets it out.

Dave Corp: http://www.myspace.com/davecorp • Sluggo’s Goon Music: http://www.sluggosgoonmusic.com

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